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A New School Year approachs...

With another school year quickly approaching the Dads’ Club of New Hyde Park Memorial High School is looking forward to greeting back the students that have been here before and welcoming the new students to the Gladiator experience.

The Dads’ Club will have their tent out front of the school for orientation August 29th. You will be able to purchase gladiator merchandise as well as filling out your membership forms. We have a wide variety of tee shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and much more. You will also be able to purchase our easy to use, Shack Cards.

Once classes begin September 1st, we hope that we can open “The Shack” every day after school and on Saturdays when volunteers are available for breakfast and lunch. The Shack offers a multitude of snacks and beverages. Burgers, BBQ pulled pork, grill cheese sandwiches, French fries and more. We even make egg sandwiches upon request. For our frequent customers, we offer Shack Cards and you or your child can purchase a Shack Card. Shack Cards are $20 and have a $25 value. The Club accepts Venmo and PayPal.

You will find the Dads’ Club either hosting or attending most community events. On September 17th we will have our tent up and ready to sell merchandise and memberships at the Village of New Hyde Park Street Fair. During the month of October, we raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. On Saturday, October 22nd the Dads’ Club host the Annual Chili Cook-Off and invite our local firefighters and veterans to come and judge.

For Dads’ Club updates and future events, you can follow the club on Facebook and Instagram.

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